Autumn Wedding Reception Trends

Are you planning a fall wedding?

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Autumn weddings can be positively beautiful, with the colorful leaves and cool air. While planning for your fall wedding, opt for a theme that includes rich flavors, warmth, with a splash of crispness.

When it comes to your wedding dress, sleeves are still in vogue — a perfect fit for the cooler autumn weather. You may also opt to blend fall leaves and fall colors into your bouquet, flower arrangements and other decor.

The right wedding catering can transform your wedding reception into a super memorable event for your guests. This fall, it’s in-fashion to opt for a more formal sit-down dinner following your nuptials. Fall brides are choosing warm dishes with lots of hearty spices, fresh veggies and fruits, along with soup and cheese.

Fall also means your wedding catering options are much broader, since you can select from a vast array of dishes that include freshly-harvested fruits and vegetables like squash, tomatoes, apples, grapes, pears, cabbage, corn, carrots and beets. Locally-sourced foods aren’t just fresher; they’re also more affordable, which is great for the bride on a budget. Fresh and Quick Catering specializes in sourcing local foods for our brides and grooms.

In fact, the fall harvest is suitable for more than just wedding food offerings; vegetables like pumpkins and gourds can be arranged alongside a cornucopia — a delightful idea for autumn wedding centerpieces!

For your wedding reception or pre-wedding cocktail hour, consider a warm spiced apple cider or even a hard cranberry cider as an alternative to wine. You may even include spiced pumpkin seeds or nuts during your cocktail hour event.

The wide variety of fresh foods  available during the autumn, means you can enjoy some really delicious hors d’oeuvres featuring fruits and vegetables. Artfully-created fruit chunks are a simple, yet sweet hors d’oeuvres option. Cheese-based items are also popular, like blue cheese-stuffed dates.

If your wedding will feature appetizers in a sit-down meal setting, consider serving soup, as the warmth is a perfect fit for the crisp fall weather. A few delicious soup options for your wedding food offerings include squash bisque or butternut squash soup. The small gourds and mini pumpkins make for adorable soup bowls too, so speak Steve or Alina to arrange for this unique serving option.

Autumn is the perfect time for pie, so if you’re seeking a delicious dessert option, this is one choice that can be positively scrumptious. Some brides are working with their wedding caterers to infuse their wedding cakes with a bit of fall flavor in the form of pie fillings such as pumpkin, raspberry and cranberry.

Fall weddings are beautiful with healthy, colorful wedding reception eating possibilities to dazzle your guests and have them remembering and talking about your event for a long time!

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