Choosing the perfect wedding venue

Grace Vineyards Wedding Venue and Winery

Congratulations! You just got engaged- now what?  Planning a wedding may feel overwhelming at first but a great starting point is choosing your wedding venue.  The style of your venue is the driving force that determines the style of the dress, decor, theme, etc.  It can be a big decision.  Here are 4 helpful tips to keep in mind when choosing that perfect spot.

1.  Stay true to yourselves

What are your loves, interests and hobbies?  Choose a place that reflects your style and the things you love together.  For example, if you both love country music a venue surrounded by golden country fields may be the place for you.  Or you both love modern architecture, maybe a modern hotel is your perfect spot.  Both of you love wine, maybe a winery is calling your names.

2.  Indoor or Outdoor?

This basic factor really determines the time of year you can get married and will help you narrow your search of venues.

3.  Determine the area and location

Do you want to get married closer to where you live or where your family lives?  The most beautiful places tend to be further than you expected but keep in mind many guests will travel for your event.  It is always smart to ask the venue management about the surrounding overnight accommodations.

4.  Guest count

You want a space that can comfortably fit your group.  Most venues can accommodate up to 200 guests but ask about the capacity before you visit, that way you can narrow the time you spend looking.  If you are looking to have a wedding under 50, a nice cozy restaurant may be ideal.  Whereas a wedding over 300 may consider a room in a convention center as the best fit.

Now that you have a better idea of a place you would possibility want for your wedding day, we have some suggestions.

These are some favorite wedding venues in the greater Sacramento area and each has something different to offer. Click their names to learn more.

Located in Galt, CA and 30 minutes from downtown Sacramento. White and pink roses surround this colonial mansion giving the character of Grace Vineyards an air of romantic southern charm. This serene winery and wedding venue with luscious grapevines, majestic pines, and magnolia trees frame a beautiful ceremony garden and spacious reception area.

Carvalho Family Vineyards at The Old Sugar Mill

If you love old brick buildings, this old world historical building produces one of a kind, spectacular, unique photographs and memories which will be treasured for a lifetime.

Harmony Wynelands

If you are looking for charm and character in the Lodi wine country, Harmony may be your pick.

Scribner Bend Vineyards

Located 15 minutes from downtown Sacramento, along the Sacramento River, this venue combines elegance with a touch of history.

Oak Farm Vineyards

Located in Lodi, for those couples who love the idea of a country barn style event and lake side photos.

Dry Creek Ranch Golf Club

Offering both indoor and outdoor facilities for weddings and receptions, this setting is surrounded by the lush grounds that only a golf course can provide.

For contact information on all these venues check out our “Awesome Venues” page.

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