Cocktail Hour Trending for Wedding Receptions

Mini Foods for Wedding ReceptionAre you looking for a way to include an opportunity for fun and socialization for your wedding? Consider a cocktail hour!

An increasing number of caterers, including Fresh and Quick Catering, are offering more than just traditional wedding fare; they’re offering cocktail hour fare for their wedding reception clients. Many couples opt to host a cocktail hour in addition to a traditional wedding reception meal, so it’s an opportunity for your catering company to provide a more complete, comprehensive service.

A wedding cocktail hour provides guests with an enjoyable opportunity to socialize with friends and family who have gathered for the nuptials. It’s also a great way to catch up with any guests who may need to leave prior to the reception.

A cocktail hour, hosted before the reception or even prior to the rehearsal dinner, serves as the perfect opportunity for mingling with friends and family who’ve come from far and wide to attend your nuptials. A wedding cocktail hour is also ideal for couples who are inviting lots of guests who don’t know each other! Many find it less intimidating to approach others who are standing and chatting in small groups (versus approaching and sitting at a table full of strangers), so it can make for a more engaging and less-awkward experience for your guests!

A cocktail hour includes light fare and drinks, so it’s also a great way to take the edge off your hunger if you’re hosting the sit-down reception meal a bit later during the reception (and it keeps the guests entertained while the photographer is taking post-ceremony wedding pictures).

Ask us how you can get free hors d’oeuvres between your wedding and reception!

Fresh and Quick Catering offers traditional cocktail hour fare, with a more elegant presentation that includes white or colors to match the bridal party’s dresses.

We provide classy. small, three-foot-tall tables for your cocktail  hour, which are the ideal height for guests to set down their drinks and food items while standing and mingling with other guests.

Other options for hosting a cocktail hour outside of the wedding reception are:

  • Sometime in advance of the wedding
  • Prior to the rehearsal dinner
  • Or even in place of the traditional rehearsal dinner event

Whatever your preference is, Fresh and Quick Catering can offer you beautiful cocktail hour fare!

If you’re seeking a wedding caterer in the Sacramento area, contact Fresh and Quick Catering by calling 916-447-3774.

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