Top Ten Reasons why Fresh and Quick Catering is Your Best Wedding Caterer

  1. Sacramento Local Farm Fresh FoodCaterer’s Experience and Expertise is Key to a Successful Wedding Event. Did you know that Steve Baker, owner of Fresh and Quick Catering, has been catering events for over 30 years? His passion for food makes him the preferred caterer among brides and event coordinators. He seamlessly makes events go extremely smooth and to your expectation. Experience really counts in catering for the success of your special event and Steve delivers.
  2. We’re the Wedding Catering Specialists! Many food businesses try to add catering to their business model. They think it will fit right in, but most will fail. It is much more difficult than they think. Fresh and Quick Catering specialize in Catering only, putting the focus solely on your event, with no restaurant distractions.
  3. We Purchase From Local Farmers For Maximum Freshness. With a name like Fresh and Quick, we focus on fresh and delicious food served to perfection. Partnering with local growers for quality and freshness is what you taste in our menu options. Throughout our years in business, this continues to be an important quality.
  4. You Can Tell Whether A Business Is Professional Or Not, and it does make or break the success of an event. Fresh and Quick Catering knows this, and prides itself on being very professional, with a friendly and attentive staff. We take care of each detail of your event so you will actually be able to enjoy your guests and taste the delectable food.
  5. Wedding Planning Needs Creative Solutions And Results. Planning for wedding events and other special occasions is a real art. Changes are always happening, and handling these changes takes experience and being well organized, as well as flexible. We can create a variety of menu options to fit your tastes, event format and wedding reception budget. Fresh and Quick Catering is just plain good at this, again because of many years of experience.
  6. We Pride Ourselves On Service. Can you imagine a catering company being late to a special event they are in charge of? We take the worry out of your event. Our staff is trained efficiently for any event format. A one stop shop for all your catering needs, Fresh and Quick Catering will make you shine in any sized event with service you can count on it.
  7. We Make Sure There’s Plenty Of Food. It is interesting how running out of food is a common occurrence at events if you are not careful. Experience and planning insure your catered event from Fresh and Quick Catering will make a lasting impression. From elegant plated meals to bountiful buffets, from farm fresh dishes to BBQ.
  8. We Make Your Event Memorable. From BBQ’s, corporate meetings, festivals, fundraisers, sporting events, parties and on and on. Weddings, however, are what we have done most, and our brides continually compliment that we are simply the best. Whatever the occasion, your event is always given the same professional approach.
  9. We Can Handle Last Minute Events. With experience, and being well organized, Fresh and Quick Catering can work comfortably with any last minute new event request. When calls come in for situations where quickness is required to pull off a last minute important event, Fresh and Quick will save the day. You can count on it.
  10. Fresh And Quick Is The Best Value In Town. Now for the best part. Fresh and Quick Catering is King in being affordable. Go ahead and shop around a little. You will find as many do, our value is second to none. Steve will work within your budget and give a fair price especially compared to what other companies would offer. For experience, professional service, beautiful presentation and delicious food, Fresh and Quick Catering is simply the best caterer in the Sacramento area.

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